Month: July 2014

Berkeley Condo with amazing views

Many homes in the Denver area have great views of the mountains, but few homes have a view of a lake.  Unlike, say Minneapolis, Denver doesn’t have a ton of lakes.  The lakes we have tend to be in parks, away from homes.  So, getting a view from your living room is an unusual  bonus, and it’s usually reserved for homes that come with a luxury price tag.

A rare exception is this comfortable Berkeley condo which overlooks Rocky Mountain Lake and it’s surrounding parking.  Located near Federal and I70, it’s a 900 sq. foot condo with two bedrooms and two full baths.  Of course, its premier feature is the view.  

Looking out of it’s third story French doors at both the lake and the mountains is a real treat.  It’s a million dollar view for less than $150K.  

This home is currently available, go to: