Barnum Home Reflects History of the Community

Welcome to 985 King Street.  This little home has defied both time and gravity, as it still remains standing despite its 125 year history.

Originally built as the offices for the Barnum Circus, it’s apparent that this home has been expanded at least once in its lifetime.  The two bedrooms on the south, are clearly an addition, as is the utility porch at the rear of the building.  All told, this home is 715 square feet. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living, a bathroom, and a utility room.

Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll on this charming little home.  The foundation is poorly built and as a result the walls are clearly drooping, particularly the south front corner of the building. All of the mechanicals are in bad shape, especially the aging furnace. The roof, amazingly, has lasted more than 40 years.

Despite its obvious curb appeal, this house will need lots of love (and a fair amount of engineering) to remain a viable and livable home.  It seems likely that only an experienced investor will be able to take on such a large challenge.

Perhaps the best thing about this home, in its current state, is the lot and location.  Located just a few blocks from RTD’s new light rail station on Knox Court and just around the corner from a bus stop on 10th Ave., this location is perfect for anyone who uses public transportation.

In addition, Mile High Stadium, downtown, and the new redevelopment that St. Anthony’s near Sloan’s Lake are all just minutes away. For commuters, this location features easy access to Sixth Avenue freeway, Colfax Avenue, and Federal Boulevard.

Its 6250 square foot lot is perfect for families and urban farmers.  The neighborhood is perfect for either rentals or owner-occupied homes. A quick drive around the area shows many homes being remodeled or being built from scratch.  Clearly, the neighborhood is ready for investment.This neighborhood features many homes that were a part of the Barnum community which began as a winter resting point for the famous circus. Hopefully, the history of this home and his community will be remembered for many years to come.

This home has sold.

More information contact Steve White at 303-725-5080 or email  For information on this and other homes go to

Steve White is a licensed real estate broker associated with SPX Realty and Heart of the City homes.



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